SMEs should outsource marketing before it’s too late. Recently we’ve been speaking to quite a few SMEs about their marketing experiences and how those experiences have shaped the way they approach new marketing strategies and one line was particularly common.

“I’ve tried that and it didn’t work”.

Well of course it didn’t. What were they expecting? Good marketers fail again and again before getting it right and they fine tune a channel until they find the sweet spots. Many will not like to hear this, but being a business owner, manager or admin does not make them a marketer. In fact, you aren’t even close.

People may feel that I’m being harsh here but the reality is many SMEs spend time, effort and resources on marketing exercises with absolutely no ROI and worse sometimes adversely affecting their brand. During our greet and meet, we happened across a a really nice guy, I shall call him Ben.

Here’s a real case study, we shall call him Ben.

Ben should Outsource Marketing – Case Study

Ben has been trying his hand at email marketing for his startup fitness service and spends about 10-15 hours a week creating nice looking htmls. He has also subscribed to cloud based email software that he uses to send his email. He get’s his email database from a database company he found on the internet and he replenishes his database as more and more people unsubscribe and bounce rates go up. Sounds familiar?

Here’s the kicker, Ben’s email addresses that he has been sending from have  been blacklisted by Google, Yahoo and Hotmail and almost every other anti-spam authority he can think of. Non of his emails were being delivered not even the birthday email he sent to his sister.

This is not an uncommon scenario. Most SMEs have failed to understand a channel before trying their hand and end up getting burnt, leading back to that popular quote highlighted above. This applies to almost every digital marketing channel from email, mobile, social and web. They will have to learn to outsource their digital marketing before it’s too late.

Tips to outsource marketing effectively

Before you run off  to go talk to a marketing agency, digest the following points to help you make the most out the engagement.

  • Get some consultation – This is usually free when you speak to various vendors, well it is with us anyway
  • Do your own research – There are many forums and groups that you can explore
  • Take one step at a time but not baby steps – Rushing in or tip-toeing, equally bad. It’s often better to walk in with a basic objective that you would like to achieve and this frames your conversation.

Ready to outsource marketing?

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