Business Collaboration has been a key topic in many business circles of late. In this digital age, it’s getting more and more difficult for traditional business strategies to survive. In this piece we explore if collaboration is indeed the way to go.

George is a digital marketer. He runs a small marketing firm in Singapore, and he has quite a number of retainer clients to work with. But there is one thing that he finds challenging, most of his potential clients have a budget for marketing, but they don’t have content to build their marketing efforts on. It takes a while before these clients will go fully on board in the marketing agenda that George’s firm is proposing.

On the other side of the co-work space that George is renting, Lisa is a content producer. She does a lot of videos; she writes a blog, she is also a graphic designer. Where Lisa’s small firm is now, she does DIY marketing. She receives a handful of inquiries in a month, and she finds it hard to maintain a positive cash flow.

The case for business collaboration

If you are an SME owner, you are probably familiar with these scenarios. You have your strengths, but somehow you feel like it leads you to a blank wall, when it comes to bringing in the dough. It’s not a question of your skill set. Nor it is a matter of your creative arsenal. In the digital age, where human beings are more connected than ever before. It just takes the right encounter with the right people at the right time.

One day, George and Lisa had a casual chat. They shared the challenges they faced, and they compared notes. George said he is meeting a client the next day, and she asked Lisa to join her since that client will need content production.
That small encounter lead to closing a big deal, that short conversation lead to a long-term retainer project.

Making business collaboration work for you

Business collaboration depends greatly on building trust and trust generally takes time to build. However there are ways to grease the wheels. Team up with the right people. Find your weak spots and collaborate with those who can fill in that spot. Work as a team. Build portfolios together and you get a shot at bigger projects.

No man is an island, and in the digital age – it still rings true.

So would you fall short in making the right decision now to team up with someone else?

If you are a client, and you are looking for a solution to your business needs, would you have time to scout two or more service providers? Or would you rather work with a team of experts?

If you answered “team of experts” we want to give you a free consult as BAM! is an Agency Hub forged from the same principles of Business Collaboration discussed in this piece.

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