Your customer database is only good if it keeps growing. With the growing need for consumers to keep their privacy, it is becoming more and more difficult to build a strong customer database. Think about it. How much of your personal info are you willing to share with a company?

Here are 5 ways to build your customer database when you start to notice a slump.

1. Run a Contest

Contesting is a common database-building strategy for marketers, but there are several ways to engage your target consumers effectively. A text-to-win campaign is one of the best ways is to collect new customer contacts while getting the word out on new products and services from the get-go.

For collecting email addresses or social media profiles, run a contest on Facebook to drive traffic to your Facebook page and landing page for email sign-ups. Bear in mind that the easier the user experience, the better your chances of scoring new sign-ups. Ditch the lengthy entry forms and get straight to the point. Names and emails will suffice to build a customer database unless the contest calls for key info as well.

Oh, and make sure you assure everyone that you will keep their data private.

2. Give Out Instant Coupons

Another beautiful tactic for both text-message and email marketing is giving out instant coupons. If you have a physical store, put up signage to get customers to sign up to a mailing list in order to get a coupon instantly.

If you don’t have a brick-and-mortar setup, run ad campaigns with promo codes on social media and partner websites for new sign-ups. Use trackable links (Remember to facilitate analytics so you can keep tabs on what works and what doesn’t. Don’t forget, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

3. Give them Previews

Sneak peaks and first-looks are a great way to give potential customers early access to sales coupons, product launches, or even event tickets. Customers trade their email info for a sneak peak and the sense of exclusivity tends to result in higher click-through rates.

4. Bonus Content for Your Customer Database

Gating content allows you to create exclusivity for your customer database, a key attribute for a wholesome customer experience. By asking people to sign up for ‘free’ bonus content, you can collect contacts while educating your target consumers at the same time. It will require a stronger content creation strategy to give the ‘free’ content some value, but it will be well worth the effort when customers start trusting you for great content. Bonus content can be as simple as a how-to video, an extended version of an ad, or a ‘secret sale’ with exclusive discounts that are not available to the public. The more exclusive it feels, the more likely customers will spread the word.

5. Event RSVPs

Whenever you are holding an event, always insist on RSVPs for customers to secure spots. Digital RSVPs are the best way to collect a whole bunch of emails for your customer database and lead funnels. Work data collection into the event activities as well, like themed ‘Bingo’ cards that require them to jot down info like age and product preferences.